LevelUp: The Best Way to Learn from the Internet

LevelUp is a new learning format that leverages the curated high-quality learning resources from the Internet, mentoring from professionals, flexible pacing, motivated peer group - all leading up to building a public portfolio of accomplishments to unlock career and life opportunities for you.

We have been collecting and curating learning resources from the Internet on all topics. LevelUp will bring in the crucial missing ingredients for effective learning: A series of challenges, valuable connections with peers and experts, and demonstrable accomplishments.

  • A course is a series of levels, curated by reputed topic experts.
  • Each level requires submitting a proof of learning.
  • You get access to the next level and the peer group ONLY after your proof of learning is accepted by the mentors.
  • The chat rooms for each level - supports highly engaging discussions, video calls, collaborations and more.

This format is designed to be lightweight for the mentors - allowing scaling of attention and guidance - but rigorous for the learners.

Give this a try!

This is a novel format and you can only judge its effectiveness once you try it. If you'd like to START a course in this format, please message us on Twitter.

I went through the Chess tactics course. The fact that every level required an accomplishment that I was genuinely proud of, kept giving me the energy. And that I would be left out of my amazing peer group unless I pass the levels, kept giving me the motivation.