Create your own Digital Garden

Everyone is talking about digital gardens these days. We have had private note-taking and public blogging for a while. Digital gardens fit somewhere in the middle. Anne-Laure Le Cunff calls it "a place to share your evergreen notes—not raw notes you may have stored in your note-taking app, but not quite the level of polish you would expect on a blog."

Proprietary note-taking apps will come and go. I came across TiddlyWiki which is an amazing piece of software. It's a single-page notes-taking system with features like bidirectional-linking of nodes, transclusion, links autocomplete, and more. You can choose any of the pluggable data storage options, and there is a strong user community too.

Configuring TiddlyWiki with a free cloud-based storage and all the desirable features via plugins can be a bit cumbersome, so we thought of helping you out. You will get:

  • Multi-column notes like Andy Matuschak's site
  • Free, cloud-based hosting via GitHub or GitLab pages, so that you can edit notes from anywhere
  • Thanks to Git, you also get backup and version history for free
  • Auto-completion while creating links
  • Renaming of nodes will auto-update everywhere
  • Upon mouse hover, a preview will be shown in a popup