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Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup


JC John Carreyrou

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By John Carreyrou

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Bill Gates:

I couldn’t put down this thriller with a tragic ending. The inside story of the Theranos scandal is almost too wild to believe. ... The public didn’t know about Theranos’ deception until Carreyrou broke the story as a reporter at the Wall Street Journal. Because he was so integral to the company’s demise, Bad Blood offers a remarkable inside look. Some of the details he shares are—for lack of a better word—insane. ... Bad Blood is also a cautionary tale about the virtues of celebrity. On the surface, Holmes was everything Silicon Valley loves in a CEO: charismatic and convincing with a memorable personal story made for magazine profiles. ... Bad Blood tackles some serious ethical questions, but it is ultimately a thriller with a tragic ending. It’s a fun read full of bizarre details that will make you gasp out loud. The story almost feels too ridiculous to be real at points (no wonder Hollywood is already planning to turn it into a movie). I think it’s the perfect book to read by the fire this winter.

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