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Power System Analysis

Advances in UHV Transmission and Distribution

Electrical Machines - I (IITKGP)

Power Electronics

Sensors and Sensor Circuit Design

Model Checking

Probability Foundations for Electrical engineers

Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Engineering - 電気電子工学入門

Embedded Systems - Shape The World: Microcontroller Input/Output

Converter Control

Principles of Electric Circuits | 电路原理

Linear Circuits 2: AC Analysis

Multirate DSP

Multilevel Converters for Medium/High-Power Applications

Principles of Signals and Systems

Plastic electronics

Fundamentals of Current Flow

Design and Simulation of DC-DC converters using open source tools

Power System Dynamics, Control and Monitoring

Electromagnetic compatibility, EMC

Fabrication Techniques for MEMs- based sensors: clinical Perspective

Signals and Systems, Part 2

Electrical Measurement and Electronic Instruments

Battery Storage Technology: Opportunities and Uses

Discrete Time Signals and Systems, Part 1: Time Domain

GT-Linear Circuits 2: AC Analysis

Desktop GIS

Sensors and Actuators

Electrical Distribution System Analysis

Fundamentals of Electric Drives

Discrete Time Signals and Systems, Part 2: Frequency Domain

Electrify: An Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Networks and Systems

Basic Electric Circuits

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering

Nanophotonics and Detectors

Pressure, Force, Motion, and Humidity Sensors

Magnetics for Power Electronic Converters

Introduction to State Space Control

Fundamentals of electronic device fabrication

DC Microgrid

Electrical Machines (IITD)

Computer Aided Power System Analysis

Advanced Converter Control Techniques

Capstone Design Project in Power Electronics

Equivalent Circuit Cell Model Simulation

Electrical Machines - II

Introduction to Smart Grid

Power System Engineering

Linear System Theory

Smart Grids: Electricity for the Future

Sense101x: Sense, Control, Act: Measure the Universe, Transform the World

20220332_2x: Principles of Electric Circuits: Part 2

Motors and Motor Control Circuits

Electrical Engineering: Sensing, Powering and Controlling

Advance power electronics and Control

Converter Circuits

Electronic Interfaces: Bridging the Physical and Digital Worlds

Error control coding: An introduction to linear block code

Basic Electrical Circuits

Introduction to the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC)

Signals and Systems, Part 1

Op-Amp Practical Applications: Design, Simulation and Implementation

Electric Power Systems

Introduction to Haptics

Error Control Coding: An Introduction to Convolutional Codes

Linear Circuits 1: DC Analysis