Brand Management

University Governance and Academic Leadership (HE)

Performance and Reward Management

Strategic Management

Strategic Brand Management

Innovation Management

Create an Environment of Continuous Improvement

Introduction to Managerial Economics

Introduction to Strategic Doing: An Agile Approach to Strategy

Sales Force Management

Scaling Operations: Linking Strategy and Execution

Arts and Heritage Management

Managing the Company of the Future

Professional Sport Management

Managing as a Coach

Retail Management

Japanese Business Management

Managing change in organizations

Platform Strategy for Business

Business Growth Strategy

Managing Change in a Healthcare Environment

Sports Administration and Management

Intellectual Property Rights: A Management Perspective

Financial Management in Organizations

Channel Management and Retailing

Design Thinking and Challenge Management

Leading Positive Change through Appreciative Inquiry

Culture-Driven Team Building Capstone

Introduction to Management Information Systems (MIS): A Survival Guide

Hôtel “De l'étoile” - a hotel in crisis?

Principles of Global Logistics Management

Management Essentials

Managing Conflicts

Concert Production Techniques: Artistry and Business Development

Business Process Management in Healthcare Organizations

Strategic Management

Supply Chain Management

Giving Helpful Feedback

Strategic Innovation Toolkit for Managers

Management for a Competitive Edge

Forecasting, Budgeting, Territories, Evaluation and Legal/Ethical Issues

Account Management & Sales Force Design

Animal Feed Production: Feed Quality

Tourism and Travel Management

Research for Construction Management

Increasing Real Estate Management Profits: Harnessing Data Analytics

Scaling Smart: Developing Repeatable Models® to Grow Your Impact

Managing People: Understanding Individual Differences

Strategic Management - Capstone Project

Contract Management and Procurement: An Introduction

Social Impact Analysis

New School Creation

Ethics for Managers

Management Communication 管理沟通

Conversations That Inspire: Coaching Learning, Leadership and Change

Business Continuity Management and Crisis Management: An Introduction

Compensation, Expenses and Quotas

Strategic Sales Management Final Project

Introduction to Global Hospitality Management

Proficiency in using RAMP for Risk Management of work-related injuries

Fundamentals of Management

Risk Management of Work Related injuries using RAMP II

Esports Management Capstone Project

Introduction to Retail Management

Culture of Services: Paradox of Customer Relations

Introduction to Land Management

Idea management

Managing for a Changing Climate

On Strategy : What Managers Can Learn from Philosophy - PART 1

Surviving Disruptive Technologies (On Demand)

Managing Public Money

Personnel Management for Public Libraries

Options and pathways for action: Stakeholder Engagement

Total Quality Management - II

The Manager's Toolkit: A Practical Guide to Managing People at Work

University Governance and Academic Leadership

Contract Management: Building Relationships in Business

Management and Leadership: Well-being and Welfare at Work

Drive an Operational Plan to Success

Tourism And Travel Management

Understanding Development Management

Building a Data Science Team

Management Fundamentals

Teamwork & Collaboration

Coaching Conversations

Pre-Contract Management for Construction Projects: The Basics

Construction Quality Management

Evidence-Based Global Management

Working in Multidisciplinary Teams

Coaching Practices

Think Biobased!

Strategic and Transformational IT

Managerial Economics and Business Analysis Capstone

Brand Management

Omnichannel Strategy and Management

The Fundamentals of Revenue Management: The Cornerstone of Revenue Strategy


The Power of Team Culture

Uncovering the 3 P’s of WHS

Evidence-Based Technology Management

Operations Management and Strategy Toolkit for Managers

Managing Innovation: Learning to Prototype for Business

Assessment of Work-Related Injury Risks using RAMP I

Principles of Construction Management

Strategic Management

Strategic management: Be competitive

Evidence-Based Management Capstone

Strategic Management

Intercultural Management

Tourism Transport and Travel Services

Strategic Management

Principles of Management

Biobased Business Development

Fundamentals of Office Management and Methods

Managing Services

Strategic Management of Innovation

Sport Sponsorship. Let them Play

Identify and Mitigate Risk

Leadership and Management

Managing Disruptive Change

Evidence-Based Practice in Management

Leadership Toolkit for Managers

Strategic Management: From Insight to Decision

Reduce Your Organization’s Social Media Risk

Management and Leadership: Planning Your Personal Development

Critical Perspectives on Management

Management of New Products and Services

MBA MOOC - Critical Issues in Business

Long-term Financial Management

Management Skills for International Business

Strategic Management: From Intuition to Insight

Innovation and IT Management

Business Case Analysis

Working Capital Management

Evidence-Based Management Foundations

Managing Building Adaptation: A Sustainable Approach

Global Issues in the Construction Industry

Emergency Management: Risk, Incidents and Leadership

Strategic Innovation: Managing Innovation Initiatives

International Organizations Management

Principles of Service Management

Safeguarding Athletes from Harassment and Abuse

School Organization: Administration and Management

Management and Leadership: Leading a Team

Tourism Management at UNESCO World Heritage Sites (vol. 2)

Luxury Management

Sports and Recreation Management

Management and Leadership: Growing as a Manager

Managing Innovation

Leading transformations: Manage change

Foster Strong Team Relationships

Introduction to Retail Management

Dairy Production and Management

Public Financial Management

Introduction to Data Analytics for Managers

Managing Changes

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