Digital Transformation

Fundamentals of Strategy


Business Strategies for Emerging Markets

Decision-Making and Scenarios

Introduction to Business Architecture

Digital Business Models

Make an Impact: Sustainability for Professionals

Process Improvement

Planning Change and Innovation

Anticipating Your Next Battle, in Business and Beyond

Understanding the Music Business: What is Music Worth?

Mergers and Acquisitions: Structuring the Deal

Business Model Testing

Access to Capital for Women: Capturing Opportunities to Grow Your Business

Improving Your Business Through a Culture of Health

Implementing Customer Insights for Your Business

Subsistence Marketplaces

Competitive Strategy

Introduction to the Music Business

Corporate Strategy

Arts and Culture Strategy

Faith & Co.: Business on Purpose

Social Business Model and Planning for Social Innovation

The Business of Cybersecurity Capstone

Intrapreneurship - Make your Business great again

Professional Skills for International Business

Electric Industry Operations and Markets

Planning: Principled, Proposing, Proofing, and Practicing to a Success Plan

Business Strategy and Operations in a Biobased Economy

IT Fundamentals for Business Professionals: Enterprise Systems

Online Business: Pricing for Success

Hospitality and Tourism Technology and Innovation

Blockchain and Business: Applications and Implications

SMEs and New Markets: Trade, the Chinese Powerhouse and Online Opportunities

Strategy and the Sustainable Enterprise

Copyright and the Business of Creative Industries

Creating an Ethical Corporate Culture

Business Futures: Sustainable Business Through Green HR

Foundations of Business Strategy

Hotel Revenue Management: the Strategy and Tactics of Hotel Room Pricing

Business intelligence and data analytics: Generate insights

Structuring Business Agreements for Success

Corporate & Commercial Law II: Business Forms, Financing & Governmental Regulation

Understanding Agribusiness, Value Chains, and Consumers in Global Food Systems

Esports Teams and Professional Players

International and Cross-Cultural Negotiation

Making Sense of Service Logic

Business Ethics for the Real World

Technology clusters for the Next Production Revolution in Africa

Business Metrics for Data-Driven Companies

Understanding Modern Business and Organisations

Business Process Management in Healthcare Organizations

Developing Repeatable Models® to Scale Your Impact

Blockchain Opportunity Analysis

Strategic Business Management - Macroeconomics

Safety in the Utility Industry

Strategy Implementation

Advanced Business Analytics Capstone

Financial Reporting I

Business Communication

Cost and Economics in Pricing Strategy

Wharton Business Foundations Capstone

Strategic Planning and Execution

The hidden value – Lean in manufacturing and services

Future Healthcare Payment Models

Family Business – Strategy Essentials

Research Report: Delivering Insights

Developing the Opportunity for Corporate Entrepreneurs

Advanced Corporate Strategy

CS50's Computer Science for Business Professionals

Digital Competition in Financial Services

Business Strategies for Social Impact

Financial Systems for a Successful Studio

Cooperatives and Producer Companies

Innovate on Demand

Quantitative Foundations for International Business

Business Models for Social Enterprise

Launching Breakthrough Technologies

Industrial Organization: Strategy and Competition in Business

Environmental Scanning and Business Strategy: An Introduction

Customer Insights: New Product Development Orientation

New Business Models - Working Together on Value Creation

The Location Advantage

Macro Environmental Analysis and Business Strategy: An Introduction

Industry 4.0: How to Revolutionize your Business

Strategy and the Sustainable Enterprise

Crafting Strategies for Innovation Initiatives for Corporate Entrepreneurs

Digital Transformation: Business Development and Marketing

Lean Data Approaches to Measure Social Impact

Digital Transformations

Infonomics I: Business Information Economics and Data Monetization

Business Considerations for Modernizing Networks for 5G, IoT and AI

The Impact of Technology

Family Resource Management and Housing

Culture of Services: New Perspective on Customer Relations

Business 101

Corporate Digital Learning

Infonomics II: Business Information Management and Measurement

Business and its Environment: An Overview of Business and the Role of Finance in Business

Business Model Metrics and Advanced Tools

Modeling Risk and Realities

Mergers and Acquisitions: Free Cash Flow Modeling

A Business Journey with Caffeine Cafe

Machine Learning for Business Professionals

Driving Business Value from Data and A.I.

Course in Business Economics (Macro)

Designing Business Models for the Digital Economy

Introduction to Business in Asia

Discovering Business in Society

Business Model Implementation

(Re)-invent your business model with the Odyssey 3.14 approach

Innovation and emerging technology: Be disruptive

Impact Investing: Profit and Purpose

Exploring and Producing Data for Business Decision Making

International Business I

Global Impact: Business Ethics

Grow Your Business with Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women

Advanced Competitive Strategy

Business Analytics Capstone

Business Strategy from Wharton: Competitive Advantage

Research kitchen

Content Strategy for Professionals: Capstone Project

Building the Business Model for Corporate Entrepreneurs

Innovating with the Business Model Canvas

Business of Games and Entrepreneurship

Futurism and Business: Dealing with Complexity

Business Foundations

International Business Capstone

How to Design a Successful Business Model

Application of AI, InsurTech, and Real Estate Technology

Competitive Advantage: Using Information to Build Business Success

Strategy Formulation

Mergers and Acquisitions – The Relentless Pursuit of Synergy

Analyzing Global Trends for Business and Society

The Digital Economy: Selling Through Customer Insight

Introductory Business Law

The Business of Film

Green Business Strategy

Business Model Canvas: A Tool for Entrepreneurs and Innovators (Project-Centered Course)

Managerial Economics and Business Analysis Capstone

Capstone Project: Business Technology Management

New Product Development

Advanced Business Strategy

Healthcare Marketplace Capstone

Value Chain Management Capstone

Organizing Evangelism and Achieving User Adoption

Structure: Building the Frame for Business Growth

Innovation, Business Models and Entrepreneurship

The Factors that Influence the Effectiveness of Boards and the Governance Process

Online Business: Planning for Success

Global Strategy II: Doing Business in The Global Economy

New Trends in Trade Agreements in Latin America & the Caribbean

Strategic Thinking for Growing Your Enterprise

Fundamentals of Global Energy Business

New Product Development

Business Statistics and Analysis Capstone

Analysis of Business Problems

Pricing Strategy in Practice

Demand and Supply Analytics

Action Planning

Corporate Innovation Capstone Assessment

Music Business Foundations

European Business Law: Competing in Europe

Sustainable Innovation for Subsistence Marketplaces

European Business Law: Understanding the Fundamentals

International Business Environment and Global Strategy

Business Processes: Modeling, Simulation, Execution

Quantitative Methods for Business

Protecting Business Innovations via Strategy

Understanding Customer Experience

Protecting Business Innovations via Trademark

Managing the Value of Customer Relationships

Business Strategy in Practice (Project-centered Course)

Legal Risk Management Strategies for Multinational Enterprises

Grow to Greatness: Smart Growth for Private Businesses, Part II

Global Challenges in Business Capstone

Digital Skills: Mobile

EQ for Family Business

The Value of Business Models

Business Futures: the Sharing Economy

Introduction to Business for Analytics

Risk governance: Engage the board

International Business Environment

Business Ethics

Foundations of strategic business analytics

M&A: Structuring the Deal

App Monetization

Business Strategy

Global Business Strategy

Grow to Greatness: Smart Growth for Private Businesses, Part I

Globalization of Business Enterprise

Business Analytics Executive Overview

Sustainable Business Enterprises

The Global Business Environment: Evolution and Dynamics

New Technologies for Business Leaders

MBA MOOC - Critical Issues in Business

SMEs and Digital Engagement

Bridging the Gap between Strategy Design and Delivery

Business Case Analysis

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Business Statistics

New Models of Business in Society

Effective Decision Making: Dealing with Business Complexity

Customer Relationship Management

Statistics for Business - II

Introduction to Enterprise Computing

Deep Learning for Business

Protecting Business Innovations via Patent

The Ethical Corporation

Business Analytics for Decision Making

The Enterprise Shed: Making Ideas Happen

Social Innovation MOOC (EN)

Technology Transfer through Joint Venture

Global Business in Practice

Business Model Thinking

Corporate Sustainability. Understanding and Seizing the Strategic Opportunity

Online Business: Customer Profiling for Success

Wharton Business and Financial Modeling Capstone

Statistics for Business – I

How Entrepreneurs in Emerging Markets can master the Blockchain Technology

Action-Driven Business Plan: From the ‘Classroom’ to the World

Financing and Profiting from Innovation for Corporate Entrepreneurs

Doing Business in Europe

Demand management: Breaking down today’s commercial silos

The Business of Mining

Business Fundamentals: Customer Engagement

Business Model Innovation for Sustainable Landscape Restoration

Digital Ecosystem Infrastructure

Essentials of Program Strategy and Evaluation

Maximising Spa Profitability: Financial Planning for Spa and Wellness Centers

Pricing Strategy