Defects in Materials

Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Data Sciences and Informatics

High performance ceramic materials

Graphene Science and Technology

Sustainable Materials and Green Buildings

Fundamentals and Applications of Dielectric Ceramics

Fundamentals of electronic materials and devices

Ten Things Every Engineer Should Know About Materials Science

Advanced Materials and Processes

Plastic Working Of Metallic Materials

Physics of Materials

Manufacturing of Composites

Symmetry, Structure and Tensor Properties of Materials

Science in Art: The Chemistry of Art Materials and Conservation

Introduction to Reciprocal Space

Introduction to Polymer Physics

Introduction to Aerospace Structures and Materials

Cement Chemistry and Sustainable Cementitious Materials

Material Behavior

Cellular Solids 1: Structures, Properties and Engineering Applications

An Introduction to Materials: Nature and Properties (Part 1: Structure of Materials)

Structure of Materials, Part 3: Liquid Crystals, Defects, and Diffusion

Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Part 2: Stress Transformations, Beams, Columns, and Cellular Solids

Material Science and Engineering

Structure of Materials, Part 2: The Crystalline State

Material Processing

Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Part 3: Time Dependent Behavior and Failure

AA432x: Composite Materials Overview for Engineers

Mechanics of Deformable Structures: Part 1

Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Part 1: Linear Elastic Behavior

Magnetic Materials and Devices

Electronic Materials and Devices

Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering

Selection of Nanomaterials for Energy Harvesting and Storage Applications

Cellular Solids Part 3: Applications in Nature

Structure of Materials, Part 1: Fundamentals of Materials Structure

Structural Materials: Selection and Economics

Materials Science: 10 Things Every Engineer Should Know

Biomaterials for bone tissue engineering applications

Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Properties of Materials

Transmission electron microscopy for materials science

Introduction to High-Throughput Materials Development

Phase Diagrams in Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Characterization

Introduction To Composites