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Marketing in an Analog World

Introduction to Marketing Essentials

Marketing Analytics

Basics of Digital Marketing

Advanced Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Marketing Analytics

Global Marketing: A Definition

International Entertainment and Sports Marketing

Marketing Analytics: Marketing Measurement Strategy

Marketing Analytics: Products, Distribution and Sales

Consumer Behaviour

Introduction to Marketing

Brand & Content Marketing

What is Social?

Marketing Analytics Capstone Project

Intro to International Marketing

Social Marketing Capstone Project

Marketing Management

Marketing Research and Analysis-II

Market Research and Consumer Behavior

Global Marketing Strategy

Driving Adoption of Innovation at the Base of the Pyramid

Engagement & Nurture Marketing Strategies

Digital Analytics for Marketing Professionals: Marketing Analytics in Theory

Digital Media and Marketing Strategies

Marketing Management - II

Marketing5501x: Marketing for Non-Marketers

Content Strategy for Professionals: Ensuring Your Content's Impact

Branding and Customer Experience

Digital and Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing

Marketing Management-I

Managing Uncertainty in Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics

Digital Media and Marketing Principles

International Marketing in Asia

Marketing in a Digital World

Green Marketing

Marketing Analytics: Price and Promotion Analytics

Meaningful Marketing Insights

Cost and Economics in Pricing Strategy

The Business of Social

Principles of Marketing

Content Strategy for Professionals: Engaging Audiences

Foundations of marketing analytics

Introduction to Marketing Essentials

Marketing Strategy Capstone Project

Customer Centric Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Truth, Trust, Tribes & Trial: Marketing with dignity at the base of the pyramid

Survey analysis to Gain Marketing Insights

Marketing Management I

Global Marketing Management

Marketing research and analysis

Market Segmentation Analysis

Online Business: Digital Marketing for Success

Marketing Mix Implementation Capstone

International Marketing Entry and Execution

Strategic Social Media Marketing

Content Strategy for Professionals: Expanding Your Content’s Reach

International B2B (Business to Business) Marketing

Soft Skills for Business Negotiations and Marketing Strategies

Market and Competition in Pricing Strategy

Digital Marketing: Challenges and Insights

Digital Branding and Engagement

Forecasting Models for Marketing Decisions

Marketing Digital: Content & Community Manager

Learn DIY Digital Advertising from a Former Googler

Managing Marketing in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

The Strategy of Content Marketing

Positioning: What you need for a successful Marketing Strategy

Digital Skills: Digital Marketing

Marketing Management II

Create and Launch a Promotional Plan

Content, Advertising & Social IMC

Introduction to Marketing: Tools to Set Enterprises Apart

Marketing5502x: Innovation and Problem Solving through Creativity

App Marketing

Integrated Marketing Communications: Advertising, Public Relations, Digital Marketing and more

Social Change: How Can Marketing Help?

Pricing Strategy in Practice

Marketing Analytics: Data Tools and Techniques

Sports Marketing

Consumer Buyer Behaviour

The Mobile Consumer

Marketing and Innovation

Digital Marketing Capstone

Marketing: Understanding Your Customers

The Digital Economy: Success through Market Segmentation

International Marketing & Cross Industry Growth Capstone Project

Course in Special Services Marketing in India

Brand Identity and Strategy

The Marketing Plan

Online Marketing Strategies

Customer Value in Pricing Strategy

Marketing Strategy for Entrepreneurs

Marketing Mix Fundamentals

Market Analysis at the Bottom of the Pyramid

Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Marketing Fundamentals: Who Is Your Customer?

Leadership Through Marketing

Marketing Analytics: Competitive Analysis and Market Segmentation

Marketing5503x: Customer Insight through Qualitative Research

Sustainable Agri-food Marketing

Evidence-Based Stakeholder Marketing

Introduction to Marketing

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Social Media, and E-Commerce

Services Marketing - The Next Level

Digital Analytics for Marketing Professionals: Marketing Analytics in Practice

Market Segmentation at the Bottom of the Pyramid

Content Strategy for Professionals: Managing Content

Services Marketing - Selling the Invisible

Buyer Behaviour and Analysis

Pricing Strategy

Influencer Marketing Strategy

Services Marketing: A Practical Approach

International Hospitality & Healthcare Services Marketing