This is a topic under engineering.

Sub topics: metalworking, casting, welding

Ferrous Technology I

Fundamentals of Particle and Fluid Solid Processing

Industrial Automation and Control

Engineering Fracture Mechanics

Work System Design

Solid Mechanics

Introduction to Systems Engineering

3.032x: Mechanical Behavior of Materials

Introduction to Mechanical Vibration

Ferrous Technology II

Theory of Production Processes

Design for Quality, Manufacturing and Assembly

Machinery Fault Diagnosis and Signal Processing

Non Traditional Abrasive Machining Processes- Ultrasonic, Abrasive Jet and Abrasive Water Jet Machining

Engineering Metrology

Introduction to Mechanical Micro Machining

Compliant Mechanisms: Principles and Design

Intelligent Machining

Digital Thread: Components

Two phase flow and heat transfer

Steam Power Engineering

MBSE: Model-Based Systems Engineering

Mechanics Of Materials

Fundamentals of Material Processing II

Computer numerical control CNC of machine tools and processes

“Monotsukuri” Making Things in Japan: Mechanical Engineering

Machine Design Part I

Principles of Metal Forming Technology

Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Part 2: Stress Transformations, Beams, Columns, and Cellular Solids

Introduction to Nonlinear Dynamics

Introduction to Boundary Layers

Theory And Practice Of Non Destructive Testing

Mechanical Measurement Systems

Introduction to Mechanobiology

Fundamentals of Conduction and Radiation

Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Part 3: Time Dependent Behavior and Failure

Introduction to Advanced Vibrations

Experimental Stress Analysis – An Overview

Experimental Stress Analysis

Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Part 1: Linear Elastic Behavior

Electrical Machines - II

Vibrations of Structures

Principles of Mechanical Measurement

Vibration and Structural Dynamics

Digital Thread: Implementation

Smart Materials and Intelligent System Design

Heat Exchangers: Fundamentals and Design Analysis

Introduction to Basic Vibrations

Model-Based Automotive Systems Engineering

Dynamic Behaviour of Materials

Fundamentals of Fluid Power